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Metal Carport Kits


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At Carport1, we offer one of the largest selections of carports online and our products are built by one of the industry leaders of manufactured metal carports in the United States. Customers tell us that they are more than pleased with the styles, colors, and options available with the steel carports that we offer. The carports for sale here at Carport1 are built to meet the highest quality standards by a company that builds more steel carports than any other manufacturer in the United States! Please allow us to share with you what that means for you.

When it comes to carports, there are years of experience in every carport that we sell.  We think you’ll agree that our website provides more information to help you make the best decision possible! Our representatives are well-trained and have the knowledge to assist you with any information that you might need in making a decision to own your carport. Not only are we experienced, but our manufacturer also has more than 14 years of experience in the carport garage business and that means your carport will be built by experienced installation teams that have been trained to the highest quality standards. The knowledge and experience of the manufacturer’s customer service representatives are second to none. When those representatives call you to schedule your installation, they will inform you of the installation process and what to expect during the installation. Each order is re-confirmed before installation to ensure that you get exactly what you want and need!

Since the manufacturer builds carports and garages in such high volume, that allows them to purchase huge quantities of high-quality steel for the framing system, sheet metal panels for the exterior, and trims. That keeps their cost lower, and ultimately, your cost lower. When you buy from Carport1, you are getting steel carports at the manufacturer’s lowest possible price!

Metal Carports for Cars and Trucks

Our metal carports are made from steel and are used to provide shelter for cars, trucks, recreational vehicles, RVs, motor coaches, motor homes, and more. Most of the metal carports for sale at Carport1 are used for residential purposes. We have single-wide carports, double-wide carports, triple-wide carports, and even clear-span steel carports up to 40′ wide. Single-wide or single carports are usually used to cover a single car, boat, or RV. Double-wide carports or double carports for cars and trucks are 18′ to 24′ wide and may be large enough to shelter two cars. Triple-wide carports or triple carports are from 26′ to 30′ wide and have a heavier truss due to the span of the width of the building.

Carport Kits vs. Installed Carports

You may be considering either a carport kit or installed carport. Carport kits are sold by some companies and these units are Do-It-Yourself carports or DIY carports.  All of our carports for sale include free delivery and free installation on your level job site. We have found that you can own carports from Carport1 for about the same price as you can buy carport kits from another company. If you factor in freight to your site and your labor for installation or paying someone to install the carport unit, our installed carports are almost always less expensive.  Do keep in mind that the manufacturer’s experienced and trained subcontractors will install your steel carport much faster than an inexperienced person.

Carports for Sale

Yes, we have carports for sale! Providing carports and garages is our only business! Whether you are looking for a carport, metal garage, or other steel building, you’ve come to the right place! We sell steel-clad, steel-frame metal carports, and garages in 28 states!
We only sell steel carports! Why? Fabric covers and carports are bulky and are difficult to put on and remove. The sun and weather cause most fabric carport covers to deteriorate over a relatively short period of time. Our products last for years! You will find no tarp or fabric carports for sale at Carport1.

Need more information? Give us a call talk to a knowledgeable customer service representative that will be happy to assist you!