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Metal Carport is a metal structure or building designed to store your automobile, RVs, boat, equipment, and other storages. It provides protection from the weather and other. Unlike a garage, metal carports aren’t fully enclosed. The metal structure provides ventilation along with protection from the harsh weather. They are an economical and accessible form of storage. So, if you’re thinking of constructing carports in Georgia, give us a call at 855-299-4285.

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40×30 VERTICAL ROOF EXTRA WIDE CARPORT Free Delivery & Installation $30709
24×66 VERTICAL ROOF DOUBLE CAR CARPORT-CPTVR-021 Free Delivery & Installation $19565
40×32 VERTICAL ROOF EXTRA WIDE CARPORT-CPTVR-003 Free Delivery & Installation $17352
40×28 VERTICAL ROOF EXTRA WIDE CARPORT-CPTVR-004 Free Delivery & Installation $15563
22×72 VERTICAL ROOF DOUBLE CAR CARPORT-CPTVR-036 Free Delivery & Installation $13322
30×41 VERTICAL ROOF TRIPLE WIDE CARPORT-CPTVR-042 Free Delivery & Installation $12400
30×26 VERTICAL ROOF TRIPLE WIDE STEEL CARPORT-CPTVR-040 Free Delivery & Installation $11210
30×41 BOXED EAVE ROOF TRIPLE WIDE CARPORT-CPTBE-011 Free Delivery & Installation $10555
30×41 BOXED EAVE TRIPLE WIDE STEEL CARPORT-CPT-0056 Free Delivery & Installation $10555
Free Delivery & Installation $10290
30×36 VERTICAL ROOF TRIPLE WIDE METAL CARPORT-CPTVR-039 Free Delivery & Installation $8985
30×41 VERTICAL ROOF TRIPLE WIDE CARPORT-CPTVR-005 Free Delivery & Installation $8985
22×41 VERTICAL ROOF TRIPLE CAR CARPORT-CPTVR-026 Free Delivery & Installation $8410
22×26 VERTICAL ROOF 2 CAR CARPORT-CPTVR-028 Free Delivery & Installation $7930
30×36 VERTICAL ROOF TRIPLE WIDE METAL CARPORT-CPTVR-007 Free Delivery & Installation $7860

Metal Carports in Georgia, GA


Buying metal shelters in GA can be a hassle if you’re a first-time buyer. Steel Carports in Georgia requires you to search metal structure installers and inspect their products. You must background check the supplier’s history and review their products. Also, you must first ascertain what size of the metal carport and kind of metal structure you would need along with the strength of the metal frame, color, additional supports, roof styling etc.

The first step in deciding to buy a metal carport in Georgia is to understand what type of automobile or equipment you are looking to store. The available metal structures include carports, garage, workshop, and barn. A small metal carport for sale in GA is enough to fit a compact car, whereas, a large carport can accommodate multiple small to larger vehicles.

Weather condition in Georgia, GA

Georgia, GA is a Southeastern state in the United States of America. The state is surrounded by Tennessee, North and South Carolina, Alabama, and Florida. Due to its location near to the ocean, the climate is mostly humid subtropical. Hot and Humid summers are typical in Georgia.

GA consists of 159 counties. Its terrain accounts for coastal beaches, farmland, and mountains. Fulton is the largest county of Georgia with over 1 million residents while Macon is the largest city with over 91,000 residents. Despite the large size, the climate and weather conditions are more or less similar throughout the state.

  • The entire state including North Georgia Mountains receives moderate to heavy precipitation, ranging from 45 inches (1143mm) in Central Georgia to 75 inches (1905mm) in the Northeastern part of the state.
  • The mountain region remains colder than the rest of the state.
  • Winter is characterized by mild temperatures and less snowfall, with the potential for snow and ice increasing in the Northern parts of the state.
  • The weather of various localities depends on how close they are to the Atlantic Ocean or the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Southeast or Southern areas of the state experience less snowfall compared to the Northern areas.
  • Heavy snowfall is common in the Northern areas, ranging from 2 inches to 5 inches of snowfall in the 12hr period.

Georgia lies in the tornado alley, hence, it is prone to tornadoes. It is connected to the Atlantic Ocean in the South which brings infrequent hurricanes in the coastal areas.


How GA State affects the Metal Shelters you choose?

Building Metal carports in Georgia is determined by the local climatic condition, weather pattern, and the city’s guideline for building a metal structure. The weather and temperature may vary from its closeness to the ocean. It’s important for you to ascertain if your metal shelter can withstand even in the harshest weather.

Most parts of GA enjoy a subtropical climate. Subtropical climate is known for hot and humid summers and mild winters. Precipitation is more common in the cities lying close to the ocean. This weather condition basically desires a metal structure with galvanized steel to withstand the frequent rainfall along with thicker roof panels to protect from the sunlight, rain, and snow.

The areas with high precipitation should consider installing thicker roof panels to withstand rain and vertical roofs to prevent water accumulation. Heavy Snowfall is frequent in the Northern and mountain regions.

The parts of the state under Tornado alley must consider installing stronger metal structures with a strong base on the concrete slab. Same goes with the areas with frequent hurricanes. A fully-enclosed metal structure is recommended to provide enough protection from the uneven or harsh weather condition.

What sort of additional features and thickness in the gauge of metal panels and bars does GA demand?

Georgia has a severe climatic condition. The subtropical climate brings in torrential rain throughout the state. The South bordering with the Atlantic Ocean brings in the hurricane and tropical cyclones, while snowfall and tornado are common in Central and Northern parts of the state. The areas falling under harsh weather should consider making their metal structure stronger and durable installing additional support and protection.

The strength of the metal building near you is determined by three different elements.

Metal Frame Gauge

When it comes to metal framing, we offer either 12-gauge or 14-gauge steel. Both of these are galvanized steel and can withstand any weather or wear and tear over a long period of time.

Gauge stands for, the thickness, size, or capacity of something, especially as a standard measure, in particular. Hence, the thicker the framing, the more strength, and the value it adds to the overall property.

14-gauge Framing

The 14-gauge steel framing measures 2 ½” x 2 ½” inches diameter. The 14 gauge frame tends to be economical than the 12-gauge frame and has a lower tensile strength.

The 14-gauge steel is an economical choice and useful for carports or metal buildings located in mild climate areas.

tubing gauge for carport

12 Gauge Framing

The 12-gauge steel framing measures 2 ¼” x 2 ¼” in diameter. It is thicker than the 14-gauge frame and is the strongest metal available for metal buildings.

The 12 gauge framing suits the carports in the areas with frequent and heavy snow and wind. It provides more tensile, hence the chances of breakage are none.

If you’re considering installing a metal structure in the tornado alley or hurricane, you must ensure that you build stronger concrete slab for the base and install strongest metal frames. The roofs should be designed accordingly and use 26-gauge metal panels.

For the areas with frequent rainfall or snowfall, you can consider installing a 12-gauge metal frame and 26-gauge roof panels. For the areas with hot and humid temperature, 14-gauge metal frames and 28-gauge roof panels work well.

Additional support for your Carports in Georgia

Gable ends

Gable is a supplementary steel frame in the triangular shape added to the roof to provide structural support, while it helps to tightly fasten the gable with the side of the building. The use of gable end is to provide additional support to the metal structure’s roof. The use of gable ends is essential for most parts of GA where tornado, hurricane, snowfall, and rain is frequent. The installation of Vertical styled roof and Boxed Eave roof is highly recommended.

front gable carport


A panel is a flat steel structure added to the sides or frames to provide additional support and strength to the overall carport’s structure. They offer additional protection to the structure and the property. Most parts of GA which receive heavy wind and are inside the tornado alley should consider adding panels to their metal structure for additional support.

side panel in carport

Bows and trusses

Bows and trusses are common forms of support provided to the roof of the metal building. Heavier and wider roofs may require additional bows and trusses for supplementary assistance and stability. The metal building owners living in the areas with heavy snowfall and heavy rain should consider adding bows and trusses to offer additional support to the roof by decreasing the dead load. Generally, metal structure with width sizing of 24ftT will include a bow and those wider than 24FT will have a truss.

Does GA demand a specific kind of panel orientation and roof style?

The choice of roof styling is essential to ensure that you provide optimum protection to the overall metal structure and the property inside it. The style of the roof also determines the dead load and life load of the metal structure.


Vertical roof style is an A-frame design which works best for harsh climatic conditions such as heavy snowfall, torrential rain, hurricane, and tornado. The vertical roof panel allows snow and water to slide easily off the roof with no residue. In vertical roof style, the panel intersects with the side of the carport giving a vertical and aesthetic look.


Boxed Eave style, also an A-frame design, is the roof style which lies horizontally to the side of the carport. In this design, the roof goes horizontally towards the ground. This is a more affordable than vertical roof styling and works best for the climate with heavy wind or rain.


Regular style roof is a common choice for any metal carport. This is also the most economical choice. Regular roof tends to be lighter than other roof styles, they run from end to end and work great in the area with moderate weather. This is perfect for protecting your vehicle from direct sunlight or damage from sun exposure/UV. However, if you’re thinking of building a metal carport in Georgia, you might want to avoid installing a regular roof style.

Tips for Choosing the Best Metal Carports in Georgia, GA

GA comprises of subtropical climate. However, the weather may depend on its closeness to the ocean.

  • The entire state receives moderate to heavy precipitation, ranging from 45 inches to 75 inches. The areas with heavy rainfall should consider installing 26-gauge roof panels with vertical roof styling.
  • The mountain region remains colder than the rest of the state and receives heavy snowfall. It is essential to install 26-gauge roof panels with 12-gauge steel framing to support the dead load and the life load of the structure.
  • The localities close to the Atlantic Ocean or the Gulf of Mexico suffer from torrential rain and hurricane. They should consider adding a stronger steel frame and roof panels to prevent any damage from the harsh weather.
  • Southeast or Southern areas of the state experience less snowfall compared to the Northern areas. However, the rain is more frequent.
  • The tornado-prone areas should consider installing 26-gauge roof panels with vertical roof styling for maximum protection.

Does GA demand insulations for metal buildings or additional accessories to maintain the temperature inside?

Most parts of GA receives hot and humid weather. It will be almost impossible to stay inside the metal building without any reflective insulation or heat protection. Although the rain is common, the heat from the direct sunlight can increase the temperature of the metal structure to the maximum.

There are many kinds of reflective materials available for metal buildings. However, you can choose the right kind of reflective insulation for your metal building according to your local weather.

There is a variety of insulation available for metal buildings. You can choose from:

  • Rigid Board
  • Spray Foam
  • Fiberglass
  • Cellulose
  • Rockwool

All these insulation come with an R-value of 16 and above. Here, R-value is a measurement used to measure the resistance to heat flow through a given thickness of the material. It helps to prevent humidity and compression. It acts as a Radiant barrier and Vapor barrier and prevents mold and mildew, and air infiltration.

So, if you’re already building a carport in Georgia, you might want to install insulation and take this into account. Adding this would benefit you in many ways.

Free Delivery and Installation of Carports in Georgia, GA

Delivery and installation are free as long as your site is level. We only use the best quality materials and our trained installation crews take great pride in their workmanship.

free delivery and installation

Our friendly customer service representatives are waiting for your call to assist you with the selection, design, and building the structure that perfectly meets your needs. Georgians are sure to be pleased with the quality and workmanship of our products and will also be pleased with our Georgia carport prices!

Buy Metal Carports in Georgia, GA  at best price

Carport1 supplies custom metal carports, steel garages, barns, and other metal buildings everywhere in the state of Georgia. Our structures can be built with a clear-span width up to 60’ and a side height up to 20’. The length of the units can be specified to any value according to customer requirements. We utilize 29-gauge panels for exterior sheeting but we can supply the heavier 26-gauge panels if needed.

All our units can be delivered as non-certified or certified up to 130 MPH winds and 30 PSF snow load. Carport1 structures meet the Georgia building code requirements and as such qualify for building permits and certification.

Colors for your Metal Carports in Georgia, GA

You can also select your colors using our color planner tool to visualize your carport roof, side wall, end wall, and trim preferred color.

Best Metal Buildings to Buy in Georgia, GA

Metal Carports Prices in Georgia, GA

Boxed Eave

Georgia carport prices are listed above for our metal carports and steel carports. Unlike some companies, we publish our prices and our prices include delivery and free installation. All of the Georgia carport prices include galvanized steel framing with painted steel panels.

Our Georgia carport price list is valid for the entire state of Georgia, which include Acworth, GA, Adele, GA, Albany, GA, Alpharetta, GA, Americus, GA, Appling, GA, Ashburn, GA, Athens, GA, Atlanta, GA, Augusta, GA, Bainbridge, GA, Ball Ground, GA, Barretts, GA, Big Creek, GA, Brunswick, GA, Buford, GA, Calhoun, GA, Canton, GA, Carrollton, GA, Cartersville, GA, Cedartown, GA, College Park, GA, Columbus, GA, Conyers GA, Cordele, GA, Dallas, GA, Dalton, GA, Decatur, GA, Douglas, GA, Douglasville, GA, Duluth, GA, Dunwoody, GA, East Dougherty, GA, East Point, GA, Evans, GA, Fayetteville, GA, Gainesville, GA, Garden City, GA, Gracewood, GA, Griffin, GA, Hinesville.

GA, Huntsville, GA, Kennesaw, GA, Irondale, GA, Jesup, GA, Juno, GA, Lagrange, GA, Lawrenceville, GA, Macon, GA, Marietta, GA, Martinez, GA, McDonough, GA, Milledgeville, GA, Moultrie, GA, Peachtree City, GA, Perry, GA, Powder Springs, GA, Redon, GA, Richmond Hill, GA, Rome, GA, Roswell, GA, Sandy Springs, GA, Savannah, GA, Smyrna, GA, Statesboro, GA, Sugar Hill, GA, Suwanee, GA,  Thomasville, GA, Tifton, GA, Valdosta, GA, Villa Rica, GA, Warner-Robbins, GA, Winder, GA, Woodstock, GA, Yorkville, GA, and other cities and towns in the Peach State!

Metal Carports in Georgia, GA Counties

Also, for links to these county and city websites in Georgia, visit State and Local Governments on the Net.

Appling County – Baxley
Atkinson County – Pearson
Bacon County – Alma
Baker County – Newton
Baldwin County – Milledgeville
Banks County – Homer
Barrow County – Winder
Bartow County – Cartersville
Ben Hill County – Fitzgerald
Berrien County – Nashville
Bibb County – Macon
Bleckley County – Cochran
Brantley County – Nahunta
Brooks County – Quitman
Bryan County – Pembroke
Bulloch County – Statesboro
Burke County – Waynesboro
Butts County – Jackson
Calhoun County – Morgan
Camden County – Woodbine
Candler County – Metter
Carroll County – Carrollton
Catoosa County – Ringgold
Charlton County – Folkston
Chatham County – Savannah
Chattahoochee County – Cusseta
Chattooga County – Summerville
Cherokee County – Canton
Clarke County – Athens
Clay County – Fort Gaines
Clayton County – Jonesboro
Clinch County – Homerville
Cobb County – Marietta
Coffee County – Douglas
Colquitt County – Moultrie
Columbia County – Appling
Cook County – Adel
Coweta County – Newnan
Crawford County – Knoxville
Crisp County – Cordele
Dade County – Trenton
Dawson County – Dawsonville
Decatur County – Bainbridge
DeKalb County – Decatur
Dodge County – Eastman
Dooly County – Vienna
Dougherty County – Albany
Douglas County – Douglasville
Early County – Blakely
Echols County – Statenville
Effingham County – Springfield
Elbert County – Elberton
Emanuel County – Swainsboro
Evans County – Claxton
Fannin County – Blue Ridge
Fayette County – Fayetteville
Floyd County – Rome
Forsyth County – Cumming
Franklin County – Carnesville
Fulton County – Atlanta
Gilmer County – Ellijay
Glascock County – Gibson
Glynn County – Brunswick
Gordon County – Calhoun
Grady County – Cairo
Greene County – Greensboro
Gwinnett County – Lawrenceville
Habersham County – Clarkesville
Hall County – Gainesville
Hancock County – Sparta
Haralson County – Buchanan
Harris County – Hamilton
Hart County – Hartwell
Heard County – Franklin
Henry County – McDonough
Houston County – Perry
Irwin County – Ocilla
Jackson County – Jefferson
Jasper County – Monticello
Jeff Davis County – Hazlehurst
Jefferson County – Louisville
Jenkins County – Millen
Johnson County – Wrigtsville
Jones County – Gray
Lamar County – Barnesville
Lanier County – Lakeland
Laurens County – Dublin
Lee County – Leesburg
Liberty County – Hinesville
Lincoln County – Lincolnton
Long County – Ludowici
Lowndes County – Valdosta
Lumpkin County – Dahlonega
McDuffie County – Thomson
McIntosh County – Darien
Macon County – Oglethorpe
Madison County – Danielsville
Marion County – Buena Vista
Meriwether County – Greenville
Miller County – Colquitt
Mitchell County – Camilla
Monroe County – Forsyth
Montgomery County – Mount Vernon
Morgan County – Madison
Murray County – Chatsworth
Muscogee County – Columbus
Newton County – Covington
Oconee County – Watkinsville
Oglethorpe County – Lexington
Paulding County – Dallas
Peach County – Fort Valley
Pickens County – Jasper
Pierce County – Blackshear
Pike County – Zebulon
Polk County – Cedartown
Pulaski County – Hawkinsville
Putnam County – Eatonton
Quitman County – Georgetown
Rabun County – Clayton
Randolph County – Cuthbert
Richmond County – Augusta
Rockdale County – Conyers
Schley County – Ellaville
Screven County – Sylvania
Seminole County – Donalsonville
Spalding County – Griffin
Stephens County – Toccoa
Stewart County – Lumpkin
Sumter County – Americus
Talbot County – Talbotton
Taliaferro County – Crawfordville
Tattnall County – Reidsville
Taylor County – Butler
Telfair County – McRae
Terrell County – Dawson
Thomasville County – Thomasville
Tift County – Tifton
Toombs County – Lyons
Towns County – Hiawassee
Treutlen County – Soperton
Troup County – La Grange
Turner County – Ashburn
Twiggs County – Jeffersonville
Union County – Blairsville
Upson County – Thomaston
Walker County – La Fayette
Walton County – Monroe
Ware County – Waycross
Warren County – Warrenton
Washington County – Sandersville
Wayne County – Jesup
Webster County – Preston
wheeler County – Alamo
White County – Cleveland
Whitfield County – Dalton
Wilcox County – Abbeville
Wilkes County – Washington
Wilkinson County – Irwinton
Worth County – Sylvester