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Looking for carports in Florida, FL, at the most affordable price, fulfilling your sheltering requirement? Look no further. At Carport1, we deliver you your dream carport across the state of Florida without any hassle.

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40×30 VERTICAL ROOF EXTRA WIDE CARPORT Free Delivery & Installation $30709
24×66 VERTICAL ROOF DOUBLE CAR CARPORT-CPTVR-021 Free Delivery & Installation $19565
40×32 VERTICAL ROOF EXTRA WIDE CARPORT-CPTVR-003 Free Delivery & Installation $17352
40×28 VERTICAL ROOF EXTRA WIDE CARPORT-CPTVR-004 Free Delivery & Installation $15563
22×72 VERTICAL ROOF DOUBLE CAR CARPORT-CPTVR-036 Free Delivery & Installation $13322
30×41 VERTICAL ROOF TRIPLE WIDE CARPORT-CPTVR-042 Free Delivery & Installation $12400
30×26 VERTICAL ROOF TRIPLE WIDE STEEL CARPORT-CPTVR-040 Free Delivery & Installation $11210
30×41 BOXED EAVE ROOF TRIPLE WIDE CARPORT-CPTBE-011 Free Delivery & Installation $10555
30×41 BOXED EAVE TRIPLE WIDE STEEL CARPORT-CPT-0056 Free Delivery & Installation $10555
Free Delivery & Installation $10290
30×36 VERTICAL ROOF TRIPLE WIDE METAL CARPORT-CPTVR-039 Free Delivery & Installation $8985
30×41 VERTICAL ROOF TRIPLE WIDE CARPORT-CPTVR-005 Free Delivery & Installation $8985
22×41 VERTICAL ROOF TRIPLE CAR CARPORT-CPTVR-026 Free Delivery & Installation $8410
22×26 VERTICAL ROOF 2 CAR CARPORT-CPTVR-028 Free Delivery & Installation $7930
30×36 VERTICAL ROOF TRIPLE WIDE METAL CARPORT-CPTVR-007 Free Delivery & Installation $7860

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Carports in Florida, FL,  at best price.

Carport1 supplies custom metal buildings, steel garages, barns, and other metal carports in Florida up to the I-75 south of Lake Okeechobee. Our structures are certified up to wind speeds of 150 MPH. However, we can supply units with a rating up to 180 MPH if required. Many steel structure suppliers use exterior sheeting of 29 gauge.

But, all our Carports in Florida are supplied at a heavier 26 gauge. Our structures are built to last and meet or exceed the building code requirements of the state of Florida.

You can specify your custom metal carport, steel garage, barn or other building with a clear-span width up to 60’. Side heights can be designed up to 14’ tall. And, the length can be adjusted to any length required.


Weather condition in Florida, FL.

Florida is the Southern state located at peninsula between the Gulf of Mexico, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Straits of Florida. There are 283 cities, 67 counties, 109 towns, and 20 villages in Florida, a total of 412  municipalities. FL’s close proximity to the Atlantic Ocean influences its climate.

Along with the state of Hawaii, Florida is one of only two states that has a tropical climate. Due to its relative proximity to the Tropic of Cancer (The Northern Tropic), FL enjoys relatively warm weather throughout the year.

  • The weather differs from one area to another. Florida can be divided into Northern Area, Trans Pecos region, Hill Country, Piney Woods, and South.
  • The climate of the Northern and Central parts of the US state of Florida is humid subtropical.
  • South Florida has a tropical climate.
  • Monsoon lasts from May until October.
  • The onset of the dry season takes place during October. Northern Florida sees the onset earlier than Southern Florida.
  • Snowfall is quite rare throughout Florida. Northern Florida sees only fleeting snow or sleet a few times each decade.
  • The South sees more frequent rainfall throughout the year than the North. Miami is one of the rainiest cities in the continental United States.

Florida sees the greatest number of thunderstorms a year. It receives frequent tropical storms.

How FL State affects the Metal Shelters you choose?

Metal Carports in Florida are mostly affected by the climatic conditions and varying weather throughout the year. With such a volatile weather pattern, it’s essential that you ascertain what sort of metal structure exactly fits your needs and withstands the weather, and wear and tear.

North and Central Florida has a humid subtropical climate, while South Florida has tropical weather.

We offer 12-gauge and 14-gauge tubing options to stand rough weather conditions throughout FL such as hail, thunderstorm, and tornado.
For the roof panels, we offer 29-gauge default for residential metal buildings. The option to upgrade to 26-gauge panels is more applicable to the commercial or farm-based buildings.

July remains the hottest month in Florida with an average temperature of 82°F and the coldest remains in January at 61°F. The areas with drier and hot temperature can choose to install 29-gauge panels for roof and 14-gauge tubing for the structure.

The tropical areas with heavy rainfall would need to install a thicker structure for higher live load, possibly 12-gauge steel frames. They would also require stronger 29-gauge roof panels. Boxed-eave or Vertical styled roof works best in these areas.

The areas with thunderstorms and tropical cyclones should install stronger metal structures with a stronger concrete base. The vertical roof is the most recommended styling.

Metal Garage or Carports in Florida, FL

Metal Carports or Garages are a fully-enclosed metal structure or building installed to protect vehicles and other storage from the weather, theft and other manhandling.

The fully-enclosed metal structure is best for preventing damages from severe weather conditions. With metal garage, you can choose from custom size, roof styling, walls, trims, garage doors, walk-in doors, and windows.

With Carport1, it’s easy to design a metal Carports in Florida. We offer custom sizes of metal garages. You can choose any width, length or height for your metal structure. Along with it, you can also choose from appropriate roof style, color, walls, custom doors and fit-ins, insulation, and add-ons for a stronger structure.

Metal Boat Covers and Metal Boat Shelters

Metal RV Covers in Florida, FL

Metal RV Cover is a metal structure or building designed to store RVs. It protects the vehicles from the weather while providing economic and durable option for metal building. Unlike a garage, RVs isn’t enclosed.

The metal RV cover offers the best protection from sunlight, light rain or wind.

With Carport1, you can choose a custom metal RV cover in FL. We offer custom sizes of metal RV covers. You can choose any width, length or height for your metal structure. Along with it, you can also choose from appropriate roof style, color, and add-on for a stronger structure.

Metal Barns in Florida, FL

Metal Barn is a metal structure or building designed to store either livestock or cattle-feed. Most people also choose to store equipment inside their metal barn. The enclosed (fully or partially) structure provides the best protection from sunlight, heavy rain, wind, and snow.

With Carport1, you can choose a custom metal barn in FL. We offer custom sizes of metal barns. You can choose any width, length or height for your metal building. Along with it, you can choose from appropriate roof style, metal-gauge for a stronger unit, color, insulation, and add-ons for additional support.

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Free Delivery and Installation of Carports in Florida, FL

Delivery and installation of your carports in Florida are free as long as the site is level and unobstructed. You will love the quality of our materials and our installation teams take great pride in the quality of the finished product.

Carport1 prides itself on our friendly and helpful customer service representatives who are available to help you work through the options as you select, design and build a carport, garage, workshop, or barn for your needs. Floridians are sure to be pleased with the quality and workmanship of our products and you will also be pleased with our prices of carports in Florida!

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Best Metal Buildings to Buy in Florida, FL

All of the Carports in Florida include galvanized steel framing with painted steel panels. Our Florida carport price list is valid for the entire state of Georgia, which include Alachua, FL, Altamonte Springs, FL, Apopka, FL, Arcadia, FL, Atlantic Beach, FL, Auburndale, FL, Aventura, FL, Avon Park, FL, Azalea Park, FL, Bartow, FL, Bayonet Point, FL, Bellview, FL, Bloomingdale, FL, Bonita Springs, FL, Bradenton, FL, Brandon, FL, Clermont, FL, Crestview, FL, De Land, FL,  Deltona, FL, Destin, FL, East Palatka, FL, Eustice, FL, Fort Pierce, FL, Gainesville, FL, Hobe Sound, FL.

Inverness, F, Jacksonville, FL, Lake City, FL, Lake, Wales, FL, Lakeland, FL, Leesburg, FL, Live Oak, FL, Marianna, FL, Middleburg, FL, Ocala, Fl, Orange Park, FL, Orlando, FL, Pace, FL, Palatka, FL, Panama City, FL, Panama City Beach, FL, Pensacola, FL, Perry, FL, Plant City, FL, Sanford, FL, Sebring, FL, St. Augustine, FL, Tampa, FL, Titusville, FL, Zephyrhills, FL and other cities and towns in the Sunshine State!

Metal Carports in Florida, FL Counties

For links to these county websites and city websites in Florida, visit State and Local Governments on the Net.

Alachua County – Gainesville
Baker County – Macclenny
Bay County – Panama City
Bradford County – Starke
Brevard County – Titusville
Broward County – Fort Lauderdale
Calhoun County – Blountstown
Charlotte County – Punta Gorda
Citrus County – Inverness
Clay County – Green Cove Springs
Collier County – Naples
Columbia County – Lake City
De Soto County – Arcadia
Dixie County – Cross City
Duval County – Jacksonville
Escambia County – Pensacola
Flagler County – Bunnell
Franklin County – Apalachicola
Gadsden County – Quincy
Gilchrist County – Trenton
Glades County – Moore Haven
Gulf County – Port St. Joe
Hamilton County – Jasper
Hamilton County – Jasper
Hardee County – Wauchula
Hendry County – LaBelle
Hernando County – Brooksville
Highlands County – Sebring
Hillsborough County – Tampa
Holmes County – Bonifay
Indian River County – Vero Beach
Jackson County – Marianna
Jefferson County – Monticello
Lafayette County – Mayo
Lake County – Tavares
Lee County – Fort Myers
Leon County – Tallahassee
Levy County – Bronson
Liberty County – Bristol
Madison County – Madison
Manatee County – Bradenton
Marion County – Ocala
Martin County – Stuart
Miami-Dade County – Miami
Monroe County – Key West
Nassau County – Fernandina Beach
Okaloosa County – Crestview
Okeechobee County – Okeechobee
Orange County – Orlando
Osceola County – Kissimmee
Palm Beach County – West Palm Beach
Pasco County – Dade City
Pinellas County – Clearwater
Polk County – Bartow
Putnam County – Palatka
Santa Rosa County – Milton
Sarasota County – Sarasota
Seminole County – Sanford
St. Johns County – St. Augustine
St. Lucie County – Fort Pierce
Sumter County – Bushnell
Suwannee County – Live Oak
Taylor County – Perry
Union County – Lake Butler
Volusia County – DeLand
Wakulla County – Crawfordville
Walton County – De Funiak Springs
Washington County – Chipley

Additional support

Gable ends

Gable is an additional steel frame in the triangular shape added to the roof to provide structural support. It helps to tightly fasten the gable with the side of the building. The use of gable end is to provide additional support to the carport roof. The use of gable ends can be essential for Southern Florida where the harsher weather is frequent.


The panel is a flat steel structure added to the sides or frames to provide additional support and strength the overall carport’s structure. They offer extra protection to the structure and the property. Also, Panels provide the basic coverage for your metal building. The Southern FL which receives tropical storms should consider adding panels to their metal structure.

Bows and trusses

Bows and trusses are common supports provided to the roof of the metal building. Heavier or wider roofs may require additional bows and trusses for supplementary assistance and stability. Furthermore, the metal building owners living in the areas with heavy rain should consider adding bows and trusses. Generally, metal structure with the width size of 24 FT will include a bow and those wider than 24 FT will have a truss.

Does FL demand a specific kind of panel orientation and roof style?

The right choice of roof styling is important to ensure the needed protection to the metal structure and to sustain various weather loads.


Vertical roof style has an A-frame design which works perfectly for severe climatic conditions. Moreover, the vertical roof panel allows water to slide off easily off the roof with zero residues. Also, it offers the high-tensile metal unit to prevent any damage from wind.


Boxed Eave style, also an A-frame design, works best for any weather. It can withstand severe climatic conditions too. The roof style lies horizontally to the side of the carport. In addition, this is a more affordable style than the vertical roof and offers the best protection from wind and rain.


Regular style roof is the most economical choice for carports and metal buildings. Also, they tend to be lighter than other roof styles and work best for any ideal weather. The corrugated ridges run from end to end and they work great in the area with moderate weather. But if you want to build Carports in Florida, we wouldn’t recommend you install Regular Style Roof.

Florida comprises 3 different climatic zones; the choice of roof style for each zone will depend on the weather and climatic conditions.

Northern & Central Area –The northern area is mostly dry and hot. The snowfall is rare. A metal building owner can consider adding 14-gauge metal frame structure and 29-gauge premium vertical metal roof panels.

The South –The South comprises of tropical weather and receives frequent rain and tropical storms. A metal building owner should consider installing 14-gauge or 12-gauge metal frames with 29-gauge or 26-gauge vertical panels.

Does Metal Building require any state permit?

Yes, every metal building or Carports in Florida requires building permit. Each county has its own requirement. However, some cities may not require any permit for metal building under a certain size. Do check with your local authority to find out more about it.