Metal Garages for Parking

Metal garages provide homeowners with an ideal option for providing the best in protection for cars, trucks, and other vehicles. Coming in behind the purchase of a home, cars and trucks are prime investments for homeowners, and as such, they should be kept in a secure location where they are not only safe from burglars but also from the harsh elements of weather that are harmful to the vehicle’s exterior. Vehicles that are not stored in a metal garage are exposed to harsh weather elements that gradually deteriorate them. Rain, snow, and worst case, hail can damage the metallic parts of your vehicles when they are exposed for extended periods of time. Metal garages for parking allow you to avoid these detrimental effects to your vehicle. Because a garage is enclosed, you will get the maximum protection to your vehicles and any other valuables that you choose to store within the garage. In addition, a metal garage adds to the value and worth of your home, increasing the value of your property if you decide to sell your home.

Applications of Metal Garages

Metal garages have a variety of uses and this has made them the preferred outdoor addition for most homes. Let’s take a look at some of some metal garage applications.

Car Parking and Protection

This is the primary use of metal garages all over the world. Metal garages are secure structures where you can keep your vehicles when they are not in use. A good metal garage, such as those we sell at Carport1, ensures that your vehicles are not exposed to harmful elements. They also protect them from burglars, and this significantly reduces incidences of vandalism. Parking your car in a metal garage also prevents it from getting scratched or dents from falling tree branches and hail from summer storms. Another advantage that car owners stand to gain from garages is that, in some areas, you will pay lower insurance premiums since your car is subjected to few hazards.

Home Storage

You can as well use your metal garage for your additional storage needs. You can store your farming tools and equipment, sporting gear and other items that are not required in the house but should not be left outdoors exposed to the elements. Farmers should particularly opt for slightly larger garages that provide enough space for their vehicles and the tools they use on the farm.

Workshop area

A metal garage can also serve as an ideal workshop area. With tools and workshop equipment stored in the workshop, you can utilize the enclosed garage as a wood or carpentry shop, metal or mechanical work shop. Since the workshop is enclosed, rain, snow, wind, and direct sunlight will have little effect on your jobs.

Recreational area

Metal garages are not just for work; they can be used for fun activities as well. If you want a private area to go about your activities, then there is no better place to do that than in your garage. It can serve as your man cave where you are free from other domestic responsibilities! If you have an art or music project going on, then the garage is the best place to unleash your creative self.

Custom metal garages

If you intend to use your metal garage for any of these purposes, then you’d want a garage built in specific dimensions and measurements. For this, you will need a custom metal garage for parking, and you can ask your metal building supplier to create one for you. Custom metal garages are beneficial since they are built to the client’s specification and as such, they can use them as they see fit.

Metal garage features

Metal garages can be built in different interior and exterior features. When buying a metal garage for parking, homeowners can pick interior and exterior features that they like such as roofing and color options. The roofing options available to homeowners include a regular roof with arched ends, a boxed eave roof with horizontal panels but without the arched ends as in a regular roof and a vertical roof with vertical roofing panels. When picking the color of your steel garage for parking, you can select from a variety of colors, but the best option is always to pick a color that matches your surroundings.

Types of steel garages for parking

Metal garages are available in different types and designs that homeowners can pick from. They include:

One car garages

One car garages are ideal for a single family car. They typically measure 12ft by 20ft with a garage door that is 9ft wide.

Two car garages

Two car garages are ideal for two cars. Two car garages can be built with one door or with two doors. Standard measurements for a two car garage is 22ft by 20ft. If the garage has one door, it would measure 16ft, and if it has two doors, they would measure 9ft each.

Side entry garages

These garages are built with side entry doors for easy access. You, therefore, don’t have to use the regular door when entering or exiting the garage.

Certified Metal Garages

If you live in an area where your local building department requires that all outdoor structures must meet various snow and wind load ratings, then a certified metal garage is usually required. Certified metal garages are built to withstand harsh weather elements that are a threat to the stability of the structure. Certified metal garages are designed and built to a Professional Engineer’s specifications, ensuring that the unit meets or exceeds the area’s wind and snow loads. Most metal buildings suppliers offer greater and better warranties for certified metal buildings making them attractive options for homeowners.


The Take-Away.

Protect your vehicles and increase their lifespan by investing in a steel garage for parking. The versatility of garages allow you to use it for other purposes as well and this makes metal garages for parking must-have outdoor structures in homes.