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June 5, 2019, 2:29 a.m.

Why leveling the site is very important before carport installation

40-wide Metal Carport
40-wide Metal Carport

Deciding to erect a carport is one of the wisest decisions you’ll ever make. It provides secure accommodation to your vehicles, protecting it from the harsh elements of rain, hailstorms, snow and strong wind. This goes a long way to protect your investment by preventing damage to your vehicles as a result of these agents. Being open structures, carports ensure that your vehicles are forever in sight and this adds a layer of security.

Leveled Site for Carport Installation

Carport installation involves fixing the prefab metal structure on the ground. Once you select the area in your compound where the structure will be fixed, a lot has to be done to set up the area for carport installation. You need to clear the area to remove any shrubs and debris that may have accumulated in the area. You then need to ensure that area is free from obstructions such as underground utilities. Anchors used to secure the carport to the ground may damage the utility lines and it is for this reason that you should check with your utility company to find out if there are any gas, water, power or telephone cables that run in that area. Lastly, you need to check to ensure that the area is level. A level site is very important in carport installation as it affects the stability of the structure and the security of the items stored underneath it.

Why the carport installation site needs to be level

A site that is not level causes a lot of problems such as:

It results in a top-heavy carport structure

An uneven site results in a carport that is not balanced. An un-balanced carport is usually top-heavy making it susceptible to harsh elements of weather such as strong winds and hailstorms. This not only compromises the safety of the metal carport structure but also that of the items it accommodates. Level your ground and increase the stability of your carport to withstand the harsh elements of weather.

It creates misalignment

If you intend to have a vertical roof system for your carport then all the panels and ends need to align. This is only possible if the site is level. Proper alignment ensures that there are no leaks and that any doors that you may install work properly. It also keeps rodents and other harmful creatures away.

Leveling the site for installation.

Now that it is clear why the site needs to be level for carport installation, let’s now take a look at how to level the site for installation.

Mark the area that the carport will be installed – The size of the unit to be installed determines the size of the area that you need to level for installation. The area to be leveled needs to be slightly larger than the actual size of the unit. Measure the area with tape and use spray paint to mark the site.

Secure the corners – Place ground stakes at every corner of the marked area. Fix the first stake in one of the corners and use measuring tape to determine the next corner. Repeat this procedure until all the corners are secured.

Use a string or twine to level the sides – Connect the stakes with a string or a twine. Make sure that the strings are tightly held and that there is no slack. Position a string level at the middle of the strings and adjust the strings at each end until the bubble within the string level sits pretty at the center.

Level your ground – With the string level, you will be able to determine the extent to which the site is not level. Add or remove dirt as needed to level the site.

Carport base options

Once the site is level, you can proceed and lay a base for your carport. The type of foundation that you are going to lay depends on how you intend to use the carport and the weather conditions in your area.

Gravel base foundation

A gravel base foundation is one of the simplest bases for your carport. It is less expensive and easy to lay. One of the plus points of a gravel base is that it keeps water away from the carport. It provides sufficient drainage for surface water, therefore, ensuring that the area is dry. This makes gravel base foundations ideal in areas that experience a lot of rain throughout the year.

Trenches may develop with time but they can be filled easily and leveled. When laying a gravel base, it should measure at least 2 feet long and 2 feet wide than the prefab metal carport. The extra space provides you with room to maneuver.

Concrete base foundation

Concrete is another option for the base of your carport. A concrete base is much more stable and anchors your carport effectively. Another benefit of a concrete base is that it does not retain surface water. The tires of your vehicles will get damaged if they stay in water for a long period and a concrete base foundation ensures that this never happens. It also ensures that the items stored on it remain clean and are not exposed to dirt and mud. Laying a concrete base is slightly expensive and labor intensive than laying a gravel base but the added benefits and increased stability it offers the structure makes it the best foundation of the two. When laying a concrete base, the length of the slab should be a foot shorter than that of the metal structure.

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