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Aug. 13, 2019, 4:56 p.m.

How safe is a metal building?

44x26 Carolina Metal Storage Building
44x26 Carolina Metal Storage Building

We all know steel buildings to be incredibly strong. No matter what the conditions, you can be sure that a metal building will remain standing. And, unlike wooden buildings, once you buy one of these prefab steel buildings, you will be set for decades.

However, the main reason people install a metal building, be it a carport, a garage, a barn or RV cover is to provide, whatever is stored inside the building, the best protection against the elements. At the end of the day, what you want is the safety of your vehicles and belongings. You invest your hard-earned money to secure your valuables against all threats.

That is not saying that looks and style are not important. Yes, they are. You should give your considerations to the aesthetic of the building as well. But form should always follow function. A structure that is not practical is basically useless.

So, what about a metal building? How effective is it in sheltering your belongings? How safe are metal buildings really?

In this blog post, we will discuss why we consider prefab steel buildings to be among the safest structures available.

Safety against the Elements with Metal Building

Steel metal buildings are resistant to all kind of weather conditions, be it harsh sun exposure, heavy rain or strong winds. Yes, moisture can cause steel components to rust. But, at Carport1, all of our products are made with high-quality galvanized steel. You do not have to take our word for it. We back up this claim with warranties against rust just so that you can rest easy.

You might have heard news about a wooden barn or shed collapsing during a heavy snowfall. That won’t be the case with our prefab steel buildings. They will not fail you when you need them the most.

And what about other natural disasters? Well, steel buildings have proven to be more effective against earthquakes than traditional constructions. Even if you are tight on your budget, and are just installing a with open metal buildings, you can increase safety by introducing features like gables and the side panels. For utmost protection though, our enclosed metal garages and barns are your best bet.

Security against Human Threats with Metal Building

Complete safety also means protection against human threats. Unprotected belongings and vehicles are very vulnerable to dangers like theft and vandalism. Auto theft is still a significant problem in this country.

So, how will a metal building protect your vehicles against these risks? 

Installing a metal building in your property will increase the security of the valuables and decrease the possibility of any crime. Enclosed spaces like garages and enclosed barns offer the greatest protection against criminals.

Once you close and lock the doors and windows, there is no point of entry for the criminals to damage your property. Yes, carports and RV covers will leave your belongings more vulnerable to threats than garages. But if you have one, it is sure to discourage potential wrongdoers from coming near your property.

Fire Resistance with A Metal Building

The main advantage a metal building has over its competitor, wooden structure, is the safety a metal building offers against fire hazards.

Wooden buildings are very liable to fire threats. Once a wooden garage or barn start catching fire, there is no stopping damage. It will all be gone in the blink of an eye.

We are not going to sit here and say that metal buildings are 100% fire-proof. However, we can definitely say that they are much more resistant to fire than wooden structures. A small fire does not catch on when the building is of steel. Even if a bigger fire breaks out, steel buildings will give you longer evacuation time.

Steel as a Construction Material

Steel is considered to be one of the strongest construction materials that are available. It has a very high strength-to-weight ratio and is effective in resisting tensile forces. Steel also has other advantages besides the safety and security aspect which makes owning a metal building such a desirable prospect.

Metal buildings have great longevity; they are more environmentally friendly and offer greater flexibility with the planning and design of the structure. This is why engineers and homeowners alike consider metal building to be the future of construction.

Buy A Metal Building from Carport1

We, at Carport1, consider the safety of your belongings and valuables to be one of our top priorities. We have a whole range of metal buildings that can satisfy the storage needs of all of our customers. Whether you need a single car metal carport or a large triple wide garage, you can be sure we got it. 

And, the great thing about buying from us is that you get to be the designer of your own building. All of our products come with customization options, with which you can tailor your building to your requirements. If you are confused about any of the options, do not hesitate to contact us. Our team of experts is always happy to guide you.

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