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Sept. 19, 2018, 2:01 a.m.

How to Convert a Metal Carport to a Storage Shed?

20x21 Vertical Roof Single Car Garage
20x21 Vertical Roof Single Car Garage

Additional space is always a desirable prospect for any homeowner. As time passes space becomes limited while the items you accumulate keep increasing. Without intending to do so, you collect stuff over the years because, either there are memories associated with those things or you might think they will come in handy later, etc. Whatever the reason, without proper storage, these items will create a disorganized mess inside your house. In those cases, converting a metal carport on sale to a storage shed makes the perfect sense.

A storage shed in your backyard is the perfect solution for all your storage problems. It provides an efficient way of organizing all your clutter, separate from but close to the house. Whether be it kitchen appliances, gardening tools, electrical equipment, books or anything, storage shed will help you organize your mess. It helps to free up space inside your home. There are many types of storage sheds available in the market made of various materials.

What are the advantages of owning a Metal Storage Shed?

Storage sheds provide additional storages for your belongings and equipment. They protect your valuables from the elements. While there are various materials that you can use to construct storage sheds, the advantages of a metal storage shed are unparalleled.

Durability of a Metal Storage Shed

Metal storage sheds are incredibly durable. Since factories make these sheds with steel, they can last at least a couple of decades under proper conditions. Metal storage sheds are also structurally strong enough to withstand even the harshest of weather conditions, from heavy rainfall to strong winds.

Affordability of Metal Storage Shed

These storage sheds are also very affordable. They are available in the market at a very low price compared to the traditional storage sheds. Even though there are very cheap steel storage sheds out there, they are generally more durable than the other kinds of storage sheds.

Sustainability of Metal Storage Shed

If you are environmentally conscious, then metal storage sheds make more sense. Since metal is environmentally friendly and made out of recycled steel, going green with metal storage sheds is very easy. Plus, insulation with these storage sheds is a must. Hence, you can reduce the energy demand of your shed.

Protection for Your Belongings

Of course, metal storage sheds have the strength to withstand harsh elements. They will remain standing even after the heaviest blizzard or a storm. If you store your belongings inside steel storage shed, you can be sure that they will suffer no damage, no matter how bad the weather gets. Additionally, these storage sheds will also shield your stuff from the prying eyes of thieves and vandals.

Buy a Metal Carport on Sale and Convert it into a Storage Shed

Converting a metal carport into a storage shed is a pretty simple task. If you already have a metal carport in your property, you can get started straight away. If you don’t, you can purchase a metal carport on sale from Carport1 and convert it into a storage shed with relative ease.

Before buying a metal carport, look at what your space requirements will be. Here is acheck-list of the things you should do before buying a metal building. Give proper consideration to the dimensions you want for the storage shed, especially the height. Since you will likely enclose the storage shed, openings like doors and windows will require more leg height to be installed.

Customizing the Metal Carport on Sale

If you are buying a brand new carport and converting it into a storage shed, think about customizing the structure as per your storage needs. You can get our steel carports in any dimensions. The smallest of our carports, which are the single car metal carports, are 12’W x 21’L x 6’H. You can go as wide as our triple car metal carports or our 40′ wide carports.

As for the aesthetics, you can customize the look of your storage sheds with our selection of 15 colors. From these colors that we offer, you can choose the sheds for the roof, walls, and the trims of the carport.

Similarly, you can also choose from the three roof styles: Regular, Boxed Eave and Vertical. Regular roof carports are the most cost-effective options. Boxed Eave roof carports have better strength and provide a look that matches the architecture of a traditional house whereas the vertical roof carport is the strongest and most durable of the options.

Enclosing a Metal Carport on Sale

With side and end panels you can enclose the carport to get a metal storage shed that provides the best protection for your belongings against all weather conditions. As mentioned earlier, a fully enclosed metal structure will require some openings to be functional as well as have some source of light and ventilation.

You can choose the number and placement of openings however is more convenient for you. You can add garage doors, walk-in doors, windows, as well as frame-outs. This way, you will get a functioning metal storage shed in no time. Before you start using the shed though, you will have to finish off the interiors first.

Doing the Interiors of Metal Storage Sheds

After completing the structural framework of the metal storage shed, you can then focus on designing the interior spaces.

Finishes come first. You can add floor and wall finishes to the storage shed that fit inside your budget. Among flooring options are concrete flooring, hardwood flooring, etc. Epoxy flooring is also gaining massive popularity since it is sturdy, durable, and cheap. As for the walls, drywall is the best option available.

Furnishing the metal storage shed with storage cabinets and shelves will help you organize your storage space better and take care of your clutter. Adding furniture to the metal storage shed depends on what aesthetic and function you want for the storage shed. If you intend to work inside the shed, then consider adding workstations. If you are going to use the shed as a personal retreat, you can add sofas, chairs, and more.

Buy Metal Carport on Sale at Carport1

We, at Carport1, offer numerous options for metal carports at the most competitive price in the market. Even though we provide cheap metal carports, that does not mean that we compromise their quality. Our metal carports are industry-grade, and they go through rigorous quality tests. We back up all of our products with warranties so that you can rest easy.

You can convert our metal carports on sale into storage sheds that fulfill all your storage requirements. When you purchase a metal carport from Carport1, you are also offered a range of customization options with which you can tailor your metal storage shed as per your needs. So, contact us today and discuss your options with our expert customer care representatives. They will guide you through the buying process and help you get the perfect metal storage shed for your backyard.

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