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How to Clean your Prefab Metal Buildings?

Metal Workshop
Metal Workshop

Prefab metal buildings, be it carports or workshop buildings, will usually last a very long time. You do not even have to provide those structures with much maintenance and care. However, for an optimum lifespan of the metal buildings, you should invest a little bit of your time for regular upkeep of your metal structure. We recommend you carefully read the instruction manual provided with your metal building during the purchase. That way you will not overlook any steps that might be specific to your cleaning or maintaining your metal building.

Metal panels can collect dirt, grime, and other debris over time, especially the horizontal panels. It is important to clean the panels to prevent them from premature rusting and deterioration. While your buildings will require a thorough cleaning at least once a year, cleaning every six months is what we consider to be the ideal schedule.  Cleaning prefab metal buildings is a fairly easy task. However, if the structure is too big, or if your buildings are in the need for extensive repairs, then it might be more logical to hire some helping hands.

Preparation for the Cleaning of your Prefab Metal Buildings

Before actually starting, you should prepare your metal buildings for the cleaning. Take the necessary steps to protect the landscape surrounding the buildings. Also, shield any accessory around or inside the building, so that they are not affected by chemicals or water used during the cleaning process. If your building is fully enclosed and has openings, then ensure that they are properly sealed. Additionally, have ladders and other required equipment at your disposal.

Preliminary Cleaning of Prefab Metal Buildings

Start the cleaning by removing bigger chunks of debris by hand. Debris like this might include fallen leaves, twigs and small branches. Sweep the surfaces lightly with a soft wall brush to get rid of cobwebs and other loose junk.

General Cleaning of Prefab Metal Buildings

To get a more thorough cleaning of the steel metal buildings, start by soaking the whole exterior surface with water for a couple of minutes. This will help to loosen stubborn debris, grime, and dirt. It will make it easier for you to remove them later. You can have your water supply through a hose. However, if you are using a power washer, make sure that you set it at the lowest setting. High pressure from power washer can cause the paint to peel off or the panels to dent.

For the actual cleaning, mix a mild detergent with warm water. Never use abrasive or harsh detergent or any other cleaning agent that can damage the paint on metal panels and the zinc coating on the steel elements. The recommended proportion is 1/3 of the detergent to 6 gallons of water. If your owner’s manual instructs you different proportion, then follow that manual. Wash the surface of the metal panels with this solution and use a soft nylon brush for scrubbing to get rid of dirt sand and grime. For fungal or bacterial growth, you can use diluted bleach over the affected portion. When cleaning, always start from the highest point and gradually move towards the base. After gently scrubbing the metal panels, you can then rinse the panels with clean water to remove all the traces of detergent. Lastly, let prefab metal buildings dry out in the sun.

Follow- Up for Steel Metal Buildings

You can follow the full cleaning of the steel metal buildings with minor repairs that might be required. Repaint the surfaces where the paint has peeled off. For steel elements where the zinc coating has been damaged, apply a coat of primer and then a layer of matching paint. If there are any fixtures or leaks that need resealing, especially around openings like door and windows, make sure you take care of that. This will complete your cleaning routine and ensure that your metal building lasts for decades.

Prefab Metal Buildings at Carport1

While cleaning is a necessary part of the maintenance process, a quality metal building is definite to make the process easier. If you want to own industry-grade steel buildings, then there is no better option than Carport1. We have a wide range of metal buildings in our inventory. Whether you need metal carports, steel garages, metal barns or RV covers, we have it all. Contact us today and order your building.

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