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Nov. 22, 2018, 12:04 p.m.

A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Location for Your Prefab Metal Buildings

Certified Metal Carport
Certified Metal Carport

Before the actual installation of the metal building takes place, you have to choose the perfect location for your prefab metal buildings.

Choosing the right spot for your metal building is crucial for its durability. It will also, to a great degree, affect the experience you will have inside the building.

When you build prefab metal buildings on a site that does not suit them, then that will mean more maintenance. Trust us when we say frequent maintenance is a real pain in the long run. You will end up giving up more of your time to taking care of the building than using it.

Metal buildings, be it steel carports, metal barns, garages, etc. always function ideally when they are placed in conditions that suit them the most. Hence, it is vital to give many considerations in selecting the site for these buildings. And yes, we do recommend that you do this before buying your steel buildings rather than regretting your decisions later.

What to Consider while Choosing the Site for Prefab Metal Buildings?

Many things go into the making of the perfect location for prefab metal buildings. A level ground, proper drainage, accessibility to the building, etc. are the things that you will have to mull over while selecting the site.

Below, Carport1 has prepared a simple guide for you. The list contains pointers that you should give special attention to.

Level Ground

When you are looking to build your prefab metal buildings, if possible, select a site that is already leveled or has a very low gradient.

A difference of more than a couple inches will mean you will need to level the site first. That will require more labor. And more labor will require more labor cost.

But why do you need a level site in the first place? Well, when you build prefab metal buildings on sites that are not level, the loads acting on them will not be uniform. As a result, the buildings might lean more to a side. Another problem is that, with such a structure, the doors and windows will not shut properly. Your building might even develop cracks and holes due to the imbalance.

Ultimately though, the building will always fail before it has served its recommended lifespan.

Site Drainage for Prefab Metal Buildings

Moisture is the downfall of all prefab metal buildings. Water causes more damage to steel structures than any other material.

It is true that we make our buildings with galvanized steel and coat it with rust-resistant paint. Despite all of that, sustained exposure to moisture will cause damage to steel buildingseventually and will cause premature rusting.

So, it is important to select a site that has proper drainage around the building. You will have to see that water does not pool or collect around the structure when there is heavy rain or storm. The faster the site drains after a rainfall, the better.

Utilities for Prefab Metal Buildings

If you are buying metal garages, workshops, barns, or other such prefab metal buildings, then you might want some utilities, like electricity, water, etc. inside the building as well. In those cases, it will be easier if you install your building nearer to existing utility lines. If you build the steel buildings far away from existing infrastructures, then it will cost you more.

Climate and Site Orientation

You will also have to have to consider the orientation of the site. A properly oriented building will respond appropriately to the climate of the place where you live.

People living in colder climates should choose a site where they can have maximum exposure to the sun. If you live in warm places, you will want the orientation to be such that you get less sun exposure. In hotter locations, you should also orient the building in a way to allow natural air flow. This is one of the strategies for the passive design of a building and helps to make the building more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Views to and from the Prefab Metal Buildings

When people purchase one of our prefab steel buildings, they usually have a precise picture of it in their mind. They know how they want their building to look. What they fail to consider is the surrounding area.

Even if you buy a building with a bold style but place it in a similar surrounding, then it will seem tame. Another example, suppose you want a simple building that blends in. However, you are building in an area that has very fancy structures. Then it is obvious your building will stick out. So, think about where you want to install your metal garage or barn beforehand.

But if you want to have the nicest experience using prefab metal buildings, you should not just look at how the structure will look from the outside. You should also think about what views you will get from the building too. Just imagine how nice it would feel to have a workshop with a view of your quiet garden or the surrounding hills.


Convenience for you and other users of the metal buildings is another factor you should take into account while constructing a metal building. It might be more convenient for you if the buildings, like garages or carports, are placed closer to your home. Some buildings might require easier access to roads and driveways for more convenience, etc.

Buy Prefab Metal Buildings from Carport1

These are some of the things you should consider while choosing an ideal location for your metal buildings. In addition to these factors, also make sure that you are following all the zoning regulations of your place and that you acquire all the permits before the construction is carried out.

After you select the site, you can go ahead with the ordering and installation of the prefab metal buildings. Always remember Carport1 for the highest quality metal buildings at the best prices. Our inventory contains everything, from asingle wide garage to a large custom metal building. So, contact us today to discuss your options with the experts.

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