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Aug. 29, 2022, 10:40 a.m.

Farm Storage 101: Why Metal Storage Buildings Are Key For Optimal Equipment/Supply Preservation

44x21 Regular Roof Horse Barn
44x21 Regular Roof Horse Barn

Whether you're a marginal farmer, a small farmer, or own a massive commercial-sized plantation feeding thousands, there is no denying proper farm storage is a fundamental aspect to prioritize across the board. Because let's be realistic; even the most skilled and experienced farmers can’t execute their day-to-day objectives without their equipment and supplies being in tip-top shape.

As of 2022, the national farm storage and warehousing market size is $923.6M.

But here’s the zinger – not all storage buildings are created equal, and most wooden sheds are not customizable/sustainable enough to meet storage initiatives. The good news is this is where metal storage buildings come into play. Possessing both maintainability and durability with customizable twists, metal sheds have proven to be the best solution for optimal equipment and supply preservation beyond its wooden counterparts…and for several underlying reasons than just one.

The Top Benefits Of Investing In Customizable, Metal Storage Buildings

  • Superior Customization

The intro may have given it away, but metal sheds are the most customizable options you can go with for any and all unique farming storage situations. This includes critical aspects like size, doors, openings and leans to more aesthetical things like color to match the overall vibe of your farm. Whatever your preferences and needs entail, you can have the confidence knowing that a metal shed can accommodate.

  • Easy & Affordable Maintenance

Unlike wood, metal storage buildings are much more maintainable. The reason being is that metal sheds do not require the same level of man labor to keep them in ideal shape. In short, owning a metal storage building means you will not have to worry about things like shingle replacements, sanding, or seasonal painting. The best part is that with so many different colors you can choose from, natural imperfections can blend in much easier – saving time, energy and money without sacrificing appearance.

  • Durable, Long-Lasting, & Eco-Friendly

Wood may be biodegradable, but did you know that steel is a highly recyclable material as well? That said, metal sheds are renowned for their long-lasting, durable nature that can preserve farming equipment and supplies even in the harsh winter elements. But even with metal sheds having an average lifespan of 30 years or longer, you can have peace of mind knowing that when the time comes to replace it, you are not leaving any carbon footprints behind.

Bonus: Tips For Storing Farm Equipment

Knowing the perks of metal sheds is one thing, but knowing how to leverage them to full capacity is another. To help along with that front, below are some tips on storing your farm equipment, especially when it comes to the winter months.

  • Clean your machines and dry them before storing them, as dust, dirt, and crop residue can be very corrosive when blended with oil and grease.
  • Make sure everything is dry before storing/restoring. Storing supplies and equipment that is still wet from being cleaned or used can equate to rust and premature corrosion.
  • Apply rust-preventative products along with water-resistant protectants if necessary. Alternatively (or in conjunction with), be mindful of waxing your equipment annually.
  • Since metal is a natural conductor, think about installing insulation inside your shed to avoid the risk of strong temperature swings. Going from extreme hot to extreme cold can be hard on your supplies and equipment.

Quadruple check that all food-related items are sealed properly. For hay, cover them with tarps and elevate them with gravel to reduce moisture. For grain, properly cool and dry it before storing in airtight grain containers.

Summary – Store Smarter, Not Harder With Carport1

In summary, there is no denying that metal sheds are perfect for ensuring both short and long-term farm storage success. Regardless of your use case, metal storage buildings that can be customized from size all the way down to the frame color are a proven, beneficial resource that can ultimately make farm storing much more seamless, effective, and aesthetically appealing.

That being said, metal storage buildings are used by farmers across the nation for a reason (or two or three) and are something worth considering for yourself for storage gain, solidifying seasonal supply/equipment intactness, and enhanced property value as a collective. But just remember that what truly positions you, your equipment, and your farm for success is by investing in metal sheds and from a company that values quality just as much as you do.


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