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Aug. 29, 2017, 7:39 p.m.

Farm animals that you can keep in a barn

44x26 Horse Barn
44x26 Horse Barn

Barns have been in service for a long time in farms for sheltering livestock, produces and equipment. Barns were made of wood in the past, however, with the rise in the price of wood and its adverse effect in the environment; Metal barns have come to replace wooden barns.

Carport 1 Provides you with some of the best barns that you can buy for a very competitive price. Our barns are made with galvanized steel which ensures it to be of service for a long time providing shelter and storage for your livestock, vehicles and farming equipment.

Commercial farms are among our biggest customers and we have been supplying metal barns for a number of them. We at Carport1 have a number of standard barn designs that you can choose from. However, if our standard design barns is not something you are looking for, we also supply Taylor-made Barns which will surely meet your requirement.

Our Barns are useful in animal husbandry to rear many animals, some of which we have talked below in detail.

List of animals that live in a barn

  1. Cow
  2. Chicken
  3. Sheep
  4. Duck
  5. Goat
  6. Horse
  7. Donkey
  8. Pig

Information about Barn animals

Cow as a farm animal

A cow is raised on a farm for milk and beef. Farmer gives them grasses, hays, fodders etc. to feed them. A cow can eat 100 pounds of food a day and can drink 50 gallons of water. Cows are raised in a large number by farmers to produce dairy products. Cows on farms usually stay in barns. In a farm, farmers milk their cows twice or thrice a day and sell it to a market. These barn animals are huge producers of dairy products. Also, they help farmers to get a proteinous diet from their own farms.

Chicken as a farm animal

Chicken on a farm serves as a food to the farmers. Likewise, farmers keep their chickens indoor in order to keep them safe from other animals.  Generally, the free chickens are healthier but the farmers take good care of the chickens inside the farm.

Pigs as a barn animal

Farmers raise pigs indoor so that they can keep them clean and take care of them. A female pig is known as sow whereas the male pig is known as a boar. Farmers raise them in a farm till they get older and big enough. After they reach certain weights they sell it for a meat purpose.

Horses as a barn animal

Horses are also farm animals which people use as a means of transport and as a carrier. While horses live in a pasture or in a stable. If they live in a pasture, they grow healthier and gets enough space to roam. But, if horses live in a stable a farmer has to take good care of the horses from feeding them to cleaning them.

Sheep as a barn animals

Sheep is also a farm animal. Farmers raise them for a wool. Sheep eat hay and green grasses and also they need a huge amount of minerals. They pasture during the day and live in barns during the night. Farmers cut their hair in spring in order to get wools and sell it. Sheep-shearing involves a technical to hair-cut sheep.

Donkeys as a barn animals

Donkeys are useful for farmers to port their loads and plow their fields and live in barns. They eat hay and grasses. Donkeys are farm friendly animals, Also, they guard the farm. They are more like horses yet they are different in behaviors and needs.

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