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Sept. 14, 2019, 6:43 a.m.

Can you convert a metal carport into a barn?

36x21 Horse Barn
36x21 Horse Barn

Most of us use our metal carports for sheltering our cars, pickups, etc. Some might use it for outdoor storage. But other than that, we rarely explore the possibilities with our steel carports. Still, these carports are incredibly versatile structures. You can easily turn them into picnic shelters, patio/ deck covers, and more. But can you convert a metal carport into a metal barn? Yes, you can is the simple answer to that question.

Before going into the ‘how’, let us first discuss the ‘why’.

Why convert your metal carport into a barn?

For starters, it is cheap. Converting a metal carport into a barn is far more affordable than buying a new barn kit. If you already have a metal carport that is not in use anymore, even better. Rather than letting the carport go to waste, you can utilize it for farm storage. Now, that is what we call being resourceful.

Let’s say you do not have a metal carport lying around. Even in that situation, buying an off-the-shelf metal carport and converting it into a barn will cost you less.

Second, the conversion is easier than assembling a metal barn from scratch.

Third, a converted barn will provide sheltered space for your farm animals, hay, crops, equipment, vehicles, and other agricultural storage. These shelters are incredibly robust and can effectively protect your valuables from the adverse weather.

How to Convert A Metal Carport into a Barn?

Step 1# Get Yourself A Metal Carport

Needless to say, to start the conversion, you need to get yourself a metal carport first. An existing carport will work wonderfully. If you do not already own a carport then you can just buy one.

As a metal building supplier, Carport1 has an extensive collection of metal carports to fulfill your storage needs. Our inventory has metal carports of every dimension and style imaginable. Click here to browse through all of our products.

If you need a small barn, then you can buy one of our single or double car steel carports. For larger barns, you can instead purchase our extra wide steel carports.

You can also choose the roof style of your carport. We have metal carports with regular, boxed eave, and vertical roofs. You can pick one as per the weather of your place and the aesthetics that you want.

Step 2 # Enclose the Carport with Metal Barn Sidings

If you want to be really thrifty, you can go straight ahead and use the open carport as your barn. But if you have a little bit of cash to spare, we suggest you provide it some coverage.

With metal barn sidings, you can build the walls of the barn. Enclosing the carport thus will add to the protection of your farm storage. A completely enclosed barn, or even a partially enclosed one, will better shield your storage from the elements. The barn will also save your valuables from the prying eyes of thieves and vandals.

Fixing metal barn sidings is a pretty simple process. While selecting the metal barn sidings or panels, make sure that the color complements the roof of the carport. If you want to give your barn some oomph, then why not opt for a wainscot (dual color combo)?

Step 3 # Add Barn Doors and Windows

Fully enclosed metal barns need doors and windows for easy access. These openings also serve as the source of light and ventilation. So, the next step would be to add these. It is very important to give proper thoughts to the size, type, and placement of these doors and windows.

Our carports, garages, and barns come with some standard roll-up garage doors, walk-in doors, and windows. They are functional and pretty robust.

But we also understand that they may not be exactly what you want. Some of our customers want to add openings of their own design. In that case, we suggest getting frame-outs for your barn building. You can fix your customer-designed doors and windows to these frame-outs at any later date.

Step 4 # Attach Lean-To

Attaching a lean-to to the metal carport is an optional step. They can give you extra storage space that you can use for various purposes. If you want some division of space, maybe you want small office space in your barn, then adding lean-tos makes the most sense.

For that classic raised central aisle barn look, you can add the lean-tos to both sides. However, adding a single lean-to is also possible. Just like the main carport structure, you can easily make changes to the lean-tos as well. Whether you want the lean-to enclosed or want to add doors and windows, you can do it all.

Carport1 for Easy Metal Carport to Barn Conversion

Carport1 is one of the top suppliers of metal carports in the country. Metal carports are something sort of our specialty.

And don’t think we will leave you hanging once you have purchased our products. If you have evolving needs, then we will be more than happy to modify your metal building to suit those needs. That is the beauty of buying from Carport1. So, if you want to convert your Carport1 metal carport into a barn, then we can easily sort that out. Just contact our customer service and you will get your metal barn in no time.