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December to Remember Sale

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2 Car Garage size and dimensions

Two Car Metal Garage by Carport1
Two Car Metal Garage by Carport1

When purchasing any prebuilt garage it is very important to consider its size. A metal garage that has the perfect dimensions will protect your belongings from the weather elements more effectively. Plus, they will require less maintenance. At Carport1, we have a range of prebuilt garage sizes to satisfy the storage need of every customer. Whether you need a single car garage or an extra wide garage, we have got it all. The standard 2 car garage size is one the most popular metal buildings that we have on offer.

As the name suggests, average 2 car garage dimensions can house two family cars. Of course, there are many things that can affect a 2 car garage size; what you intend to use the garage for, the size of your vehicles, and more. You will need to consider all of your storage requirements to buy the ideal 2 car garage.

Standard 2 Car Garage Size: How big is a two car garage?

There is no shortage of choices for the size of your metal garage when you purchase from Carport1. Our typical 2 car garage size starts at 20′ x 20′. Anything smaller than that will not be able to accommodate 2 cars or pickups. However, you can easily have a prebuilt garage with larger dimensions. The one that our customers like the most is the 24′ x 24′ two car garage. This prebuilt garage can comfortably shelter a couple of SUVs, cars, etc. It will also give you extra room to move about.

The minimum height of our 2 car metal garage is 7′. You cannot install metal garage doors on a metal garage that has a leg height shorter than 7′. What if you want to house your RVs, luxury vehicles or other bigger valuables? Do not worry. We have metal garages that are as tall as 14′.

Prebuilt Garage Size: Things that Affect 2 Car Garage Dimensions

The Size of Your Car/ Vehicles

This is the most obvious factor that affects your 2 car garage size. A small car will require less space than an SUV or a pickup. So, make sure that you properly calculate the space that you would need for the storage of your vehicles. If necessary, you can even measure your vehicles and then select your double car garage size. It is always better to get a prebuilt garage that has bigger dimensions than what you absolutely need. Doing so will give you some extra storage space.

How you intend to use your double garage?

A typical double car garage is not just for sheltering vehicles though. You can store many other belongings and keep them safe from the weather as well as from criminals. Many of our customers have even used the two car garage as workshop buildings, home offices, metal shed buildings, and so on. Before buying the prebuilt garage, determine exactly how much space you need. Even you want to shelter just a car, it is better to get a double car garage. A two car garage size will give you some extra room to store your repair tools, gardening equipment, accessories, and so on.

Your Future Needs

A prebuilt garage is a long-term investment. Once you buy a metal garage, it should last you for generations. However, that will not happen if you do not take your future needs into considerations while buying the garage. If you are planning to purchase a bigger vehicle soon, then take into account the storage requirement of that vehicle too. You might be thinking of converting your garage into your man cave in a couple of months. In all those cases, you have to think about how much space you will need in your future.

Customizing Your Typical Double Car Garage

As with any of our other metal buildings, 2 car garages also come with a wide range of customization options. The most important is the customization for a type 2 car garage size. You can select the dimensions as per your needs. If you do not find the dimensions of 2 car garage that you need in our inventory, then you can even place a custom order.

We also offer color combination options to improve the visual appeal of your metal garages. Additionally, we also have metal garages that differ in terms of the roof style; regular metal garages, boxed eave metal garages, and vertical metal garages.

If you need further information about our 2 car garage size or 2 car garage dimensions, then feel free to contact our customer care services. You can also browse through our website for other prebuilt garage and storage buildings.

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