28×36 Vertical Roof Style Triple Wide Carport

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Deposit Amount: $947.25

Width = 28 ft
Asset 2
Length = 36 ft
Asset 3
Height = 11 ft
Asset 1
  • Roof Style: Vertical
  • Roof Color: White
  • Gauge: 14 Gauge
  • Roof Trim: Corner-trim
  • Roof Trim Color: White

Buy 28×36 Vertical Roof Style Triple Wide Carport for Sale

The most convenient aspect of erecting a shelter for your vehicles is the level of maintenance the structure requires itself. Take for example a wooden carport. You will have to time and again repaint it or treat it to keep the carport from rotting. It is also very susceptible to termite attacks. To make caring for your vehicles as hassle-free as possible, we offer this vertical metal carport for sale. Its overall dimension is 28’W x 36’L x 11’H, making the carport a triple-wide structure. You can use this vertical metal carport for sale to shelter 3 vehicles that have sizes similar to a car or a truck. If you have some lawn equipment, garden tools, etc. that need storage, then this metal carport for sale will take care of it.

But this vertical metal carport for sale is not just durable, it is equally beautiful to look at. In fact, the carport will make a great center of attraction for your backyard or your lawn. You can host a party or family gathering without the weather interrupting the flow of the events. This metal carport for sale is so versatile that you can use for a number of other applications, such as an open workshop, shed for your farm storage, and more.

Features 28×36 Prefab Vertical Metal Carport for Sale

The tubular framing is, structurally, the most important component of the entire metal carport. It absorbs and distributes most of the weather loads that fall upon the structure. That is why we have designed the structural framework of this metal carport for sale to be incredibly robust. The framework consists of 14-gauge steel tubes. The framing on the roof is welded to give that A-framed roofline. The vertical panels on the roof are great at directing rainwater and snow away from the building. As a result, your metal carport remains rust-free for a long period of time. The combination of the roof panels and the framework works well to withstand even the harshest of the climate.

For protecting your valuables from the strong winds or from sideways rain, the sides of this metal carport for sale are completely enclosed with horizontal metal panels. The front and back end, meanwhile, does not have any coverage. This allows enough clearance height for the smooth movement of vehicles and equipment. Customization of the dimension, color choices, and other features is also pretty simple. To make absolutely certain that the metal carport stands up to the weather conditions of your place, you can just invest to certify the structure.



Main Section

Front End 
• Open
• L-Trim on Corners
• Corner’s L-Trim color : White

Back End
• Open
• L-Trim on Corners
• Corner’s L-Trim color : White

Right Side
• Fully enclosed in Horizontal orientation
• Panel Color : White

Left Side
• Fully enclosed in Horizontal orientation
• Panel Color : White

Option/Upgrade Available For all ENDs and SIDEs.
• Gable in Vertical/Horizontal orientation 2
• Certified Gable in Vertical/Horizontal orientation 2
• Fully enclosed in Vertical/Horizontal orientation.
• Walk-In-Doors 1
• Frameouts 1
• Windows 1
• Certification (for main section). Learn more »
• Colors (Free) Learn more »
• Wainscot (Only on Vertical sides/ends) Learn more »

Limited Warranty and Service

This building (14 Gauge) has 30-day material and workmanship warranty with 20-year limited rust through warranty on the Tubular Frame. Also, Optional 12 Gauge has 20-year rust though warranty on the frame. Learn More »

Free Delivery and Installation

Free Delivery and Installation on this building. Please go through the Documentation (Click here) to see how you can be eligible for free Delivery and installation. Lead time may vary depending upon your installation location. Learn More »

Hear from Our Customers

  • I was very satisfied with the customer service. The ordering process was pretty simple and the crew did a fantastic job.

    Quality product at an affordable price. The sales people were super helpful. The team was efficient. Got my carport installed in no time. I would recommend Carport1 to anyone who is thinking of buying a carport.

    James C. Reyes
  • We LOVE the cover. Carport1 really made this an easy experience on us. We did have one small hiccup that was immediately remedied. The installers we’re nice, and professional. We’re happy with the outcome, and will definitely recommend you to our friends.

    Gerald Haden – Canyon Lake, TX
  • The building turned out BETTER than I could imagine. The entire process was great, start to finish. Brandon really made the entire process simple. Between pulling the permit, getting us scheduled, and the installers arriving with the building to install, we could not ask for better customer service! The installers were the best you could ask for, very professional and super nice. Folks in our congregation have asked, “Who did the picnic shelter for us?”, so I’ve been recommending you guys to anyone that will listen. Thank you again for all you did!

    Herbert Lutz from Chester, SC
  • The entire process went great from ordering to installation. I will no doubt spread the word on what a great company you guys have and of course if I ever need another carport I’ll give you a call. Thanks for all your help!

    Bryan Smith – Irving, TX
  • I am very pleased with the carport quality and customer service was spot on.  I appreciate all of your help. Thank you again for everything!

    Wayne Hutches – Riverview, FL
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